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Best books on eco-housing August 29, 2012

The Birth of an EcovillageZero-carbon Homes: A Road MapGreen Architecture: The Art of Architecture in the Age of Ecology (Architecture & Design)Local Sustainable Homes: How to Make Them Happen in Your Community

Having just spent the last two months reading about eco-housing I have compiled a list of what I consider to be the best books about housing, home and eco-housing. These books encompass a broad interest in the physical architectural design of an eco-house, alongside the important social elements of how people live together and communities function.


Follow a journey through worldwide eco-projects August 23, 2012

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I have just come across a great site (IM)PERMANACE: global solutions for perninial living, which is documenting a families trip around the world visiting and teaching permaculture projects. Some of the places they are visiting overlap with places I have posted here, but there are so many more as well.

Their “Mission is to travel 40 000 miles overland through 40 countries, creating a free online documentary series about all aspects of truly abundant, healthy and integrative ways of living, farming and meeting our needs locally to share with you and the world in this time of great transition! (IM)PERMANENCE is a co- created film project realising open source learning resources for the world- from the people to the people!”

Their site is packed full of amazing commentary and photographs. I recommend a visit.